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Learning Styles of Students and Teaching Styles of Teachers in Business Education: A Case Study of Pakistan

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Nasreen Hussaina, Nadia Ayub
Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences
Volume 69, 24 December 2012, Pages 1737–1740


The purpose of the research was to find the association between learning styles and teaching styles at undergraduate level in a business school. Canfield Learning Styles Inventory (CLSI, 1992) and Staffordshire Evaluation of Teaching Styles (SETS, 2007) were used. 262 students and 12 teachers were taken through random sampling from four disciplines: Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management, and Finance. There was a positive correlation between student learning style and teacher teaching style, which was statistically significant (r = .77, n = 262, P < .0005). The results clearly indicate that awareness raising sessions should be arranged for students and teachers to realize the importance and implications of knowing their learning and teaching styles in business education environment.

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